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Upon seeing the actress who plays the role of Agua and Bendita in a primetime TV series by ABS-CBN:

Me: Sino ba ang tatay nun? Si Michael de Mesa ba o yung kapatid nya na si Mark Gil?
Jeleen: Si Mark Gil.
Bren: Magkapatid yun?
Me: Oo. Pero Eigenmann talaga ang apelyido nila.
Bren: Talaga?
Bren: Diba yung 'eigen' ang ibig sabihin nun ay 'zero'?
Me: Oo yata... Parang yung sa matrix...
Me and Bren: Eigenvalues! (LOL)
Me: May eigenvector pa nga yata, diba?
Bren (sings): Our whole universe is in a hot dense state...


New Year. New Blog Title.

This is the old one with the description:

-- an engineer's attempts to chronicle quarter-life drama... and struggles to improve written english

No particular reason for the title change, though. I just wanted something new this 2010.

I rode the roller coaster only twice in my life. In both events, I ended up feeling woozy and fighting the urge to puke. That's after shutting my eyes and clasping my hands tight on the rail for the whole duration of the ride. Well, except for the first few seconds when the coaster was still picking up speed and I'm still shouting arrogantly "Ang bagal naman!". Anyway, I just thought that the previous year was one hell of a horrendous roller coaster ride for me. The first half, I was braving everything. The second half, everything's gone too fast I had to close my eyes and just let life steer me to the sharpest twists and turns it can carry out. So now I'm all woozy again, but not fighting the urge to puke because I don't want to forget 2009.

I hope this year's just the same, but with higher inclines instead of sharper turns so I can keep my eyes wide open.


"Good luck"

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Minors, if your dad is not Bryan Mills, then you'd better tell your parents your true itinerary when going on a holiday trip abroad. Heed all their advices and warnings albeit paranoidal you might not enjoy your junket anymore.

The movie is as simple as that. Its plot revolved around Bryan's search for his daughter Kim who was abducted shortly after arriving for the first time in Paris. The rest is filled with non-stop, 90-minute action akin to the Bourne series. This was the first time I've seen Liam Neeson do a lot of kick ass action scenes. I thought he's only as good as playing the roles of businessman and mentor (and that's because I've only seen Schindler's List, Star Wars 1, and Batman Begins). I only wondered why they cast someone like Famke Janssen when she only played a minor role in the film. Roles like that should have opened an opportunity for a new discovery in the film industry. Just like how Maggie Grace was cast to portray Kim, the naive but loving daughter of Bryan Mills and his ex-wife Lenore (Janssen).

The most unforgettable scenes for me were:
  • Bryan: I will find you. I will kill you.
    *long pause*
    Kidnapper: Good luck.

  • Sam informing Bryan of the analyst's findings about Kim's abductors (How the hell was he able to find out the voice is owned by Marko?!?)
  • Bryan shooting Jean-Claude's wife in the arm

  • Bryan finally tracking down Marko by getting him to speak the perfect words "Good luck." It was simply so kick ass hearing Mills' voice suddenly turn an octave down saying "You don't remember me..."
Notice that the scenes were not action scenes because for me they're unique, and crucial for making the movie messier, more troublesome, and deadlier. A sequel has also been announced. I say they should do a Bourne/Mills tandem, which they could make possible since they both worked in Langley.


For Sale

I'm selling my iPod Video 30GB.

iPod Video
iPod Video 30GB For Sale

Everything in the picture is included. Yes! Even the warranty card, user's manual in Japanese (because I bought it in Akihabara), and the other card which I haven't tried to discover what it's for. All for only Php6,500 (negotiable) including labor (setting up this photoshoot, and of course taking good care of the gadget for almost 3 years now).

Reason for selling? I really don't use it much, even when it was just new. I bring it on out-of-town trips, but I only use it during travelling. My daily commute to the office allows me only a 7- to 10-song listening time. I haven't even explored its other features like games, alarm clock, etc. I store photos and videos there, but I don't have that special cord you have to connect to external displays so I could brag about them to other people. Lastly, I'm a mild obsessive-compulsive. Each and every song in my iPod has to have an album cover, correct title, album, album artist, year, etc. In other words, the wealth of information I can put on a song is making me go haywire. All I want now is something that won't require/show all the details. Something like an iPod shuffle *wink*.

Interested? You may reach me through this number: +63917-8114365.
L-R, T-B: (1) Turned on its back (2) Johnny Depp on the box (3) Inside the box (4) Enclosing box (5) Papers (6) Mini studio set-up